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  • Our Services

    Northview Health Services L.L.C. is a community mental health center.

    -We are maximizing life’s moments through uncompromising love

    -We provide mental health support to the community. Click around to learn more about us.

    Residential Services to people diagnoised with intellectual disabilities

    Northview assists people with intellectual disability and mental illnesses with being supported to participate in society. We provide care 24/7. We work with natural supports and the treatment team to assist people with being involved in their communities.

    Pre-Marital Counseling

    Marriage can be a rewarding yet challenging unit. Are you a newlywed? Did you just get engaged? Are you and your partner looking to strengthen the foundation of your relationship before the big day.

    Marriage and Family Therapy

    I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and the CEO and Northview Health Services.

    I have been providing therapeutic services to individuals for about 10 years.

    If you can imagine it you can have it. We all need assistance at some point in life. My main goal is to assist my clients with living the life that they live in their dreams. All marriages, families, and individuals may benefit from therapy and professional support at some point in life.

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    Your View Academy

    Your view Academy is employee assistance program dedicated to the employees of Northview Health Services. This is your view. This program is designed to assist you with staying on task with your personal goals while assisting you with performing your job to the highest level possible.

    Career Counseling

    Do you dread going to work each morning? Did you “follow your passion” but now find yourself feeling stuck. We offer career counseling to assist people with getting over this hump.

    Couples Therapeutic Retreats

    Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill? Are you and your partner stuck. Maybe a therapeutic retreat is what you need to assist you with taking your intimacy to a deeper level.